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Portugal Holidays in Lisbon

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On the right bank of the River Tagus, Lisbon is a legendary city with more than 20 centuries of history. The sea voyages of discovery made in Lisbon one of the major ports in the world, the center of an empire which extended from Brazil (the West) to India (the East). At the side two major river monuments mark this period, the Tower of Belem and the Monastery of Jeronimos Monastery.

After the earthquake of 1755, the Lower Pombal was rebuilt in classical style, but many of the medieval neighborhoods remain, with fascinating shops, restaurants and cafes.
The light exception of Lisbon, enchantment of writers, photographers and filmmakers, and polychrome tiles of the walls give it a unique atmosphere.

On foot, by tram, from a boat ride along the river or even from underground, true underground museum of contemporary Portuguese art, all means are good to discover the cultural diversity that Lisbon offers.

Lower Lisbon
It is in Lower Lisbon that are greater movement and bustle. It is also low in the stores that are older, more traditional Lisbon.

Even today focus all business, a tradition of other times that you can still confirm the names of streets, a goldsmith in the street and the Gold and Silver Street in the tissues of Fanqueiros.

Being the heart of the city was also a prime location for the headquarters of major Portuguese banks.

The streets parallel to the Rua Augusta identify the business and the arts who remain from the days of Discovery.
Lower was nearly destroyed by the earthquake of 1755 and was later rebuilt by the hand of the Marquis of Pombal, and is therefore known as Lower Pombal. This visionary designed for the city center a uniform architecture and straight, with no apparent difference to the various social strata who lived here, still evident today.

Lisbon view of the hills
At the top of the hill … You can not say that Lisbon has not risen to be one of the seven hills in the elevators and funicular in the city.

If you climb to the top of the Santa Justa Lift will be one of the most beautiful views of Lisbon, the Church of Caramel, Lower Pombal, the St. George’s Castle and the River Tagus.

Do not miss a climb to the Bairro Alto in the elevator of Glory. At the top is the view of San Pedro de Alcantara. Enjoy and see an unforgettable historic district. Between by one of its narrow streets and listen Rebol’s day-to-day. Make a stop in one of the many restaurants, bars and shops.

Go down to the neighborhood to get to Pandora’s viewpoint of Santa Catarina. With its statue of the Northwind, is ideal for watching the movement of cacilheiros, Christ the King and Bridge on April 25.

The contemplation of Lisbon and its river has a special flavor to the evening. In the viewpoint of Santa Luzia, the Gates of the Sun, see what the Tagus estuary, the southern and alfacinha of Alfama district.

Another memorable sight is provided by the viewpoint of Senhora do Monte, in Grace, on the river and the many hills.

Do not miss another look from the top of the Parque Eduardo VII and delight with the view of the Baixa, the castle and the river bottom.


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