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Tourist Places to Visit in Orlando

If you are planning a family vacation to Orlando Florida then you definitely won’t have to look too far to find plenty of interesting and entertaining things to do. In fact, you may find when you get here that your problem will be with budgeting your time trying to see and experience all that there is in Orlando.

Visit Disney World

The first item on just about everyones list is Disney World and this is especially true if you have kids. However; if you don’t, Disney World is still a great place to visit. One thing to bear in mind though is that it can get hot in the summer in Florida, however the winter months in Orlando are fantastic.

Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure

Two other fantastic theme parks that are well worth visiting while you are on vacation in Orlando are Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. It’s so easy to see them both on the same day because they are located right next to each other. Still one more theme park worth visiting is Sea World.

Busch Gardens and the St John River

About an hour or so outside of Orland is Busch Gardens, which is world renound for their trained animal shows. However; there is a lot more to do in Orlando then visit theme parks. For instance, if you are up to it you can go to the St Johns River and rent a small boat for the day and just cruise along the water taking inn the natural scenery and the wildlife.

Orlando’s Seafood Restaurants

As far as restaurants and night clubs go, there are just too many in Orland to mention. It is worth pointing out though that Orlando is very well known for its numerous seafood eateries. The best place to find all he information that you need on dining out in Orland is on the Internet message boards, so make sure to check them out before you leave.


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